Traits - Sizes

It’s hard to believe that they all start out so small. Find out what criteria you can think through to make the best decision for you and your family regarding size.

Mini, Medium or Standard

(we currently do not breed for standard size)

This is a great question and here are some considerations to think about:

  • How big is my house?
  • How big is my back yard?
  • How active are we as a family?
  • Do we swim, hike etc.
  • How involved do I want to be in facilitating my dog to get in and out of the car? (smaller ones need more help, particularly at the beginning)
  • Do I want my dog to sit on my lap and cuddle with me or sit at my feet on the floor?
  • Do I want my dog to travel with me?
  • How big is my vehicle?

The answers to these questions point to the size of dog that would be best for you. Obviously, Standard Australian Labradoodles will keep up in a long run better than a miniature Labradoodle. But a miniature Labradoodle can still be active and join your family in their walking and hiking and even swimming activities. You just need to be aware of how much they can do and when they need to rest.

Miniature Labradoodles will be able to snuggle onto your lap but it’s much harder to cuddle with a 100lb dog in the same way.

Standard Labradoodles need more space – in the yard and in the car. Will your facilities accommodate that kind of space or will a medium or a miniature Labradoodle be a better fit for your family? If you have a smart car and a small apartment, I would suggest a medium or a miniature Labradoodle, but if you have a large house, you can look at all sizes.

Currently there are three official sizes of Australian Labradoodles according to the Australian Labradoodle Assoc.

Miniature Australian Labradoodle: 14″ to 16″ at the withers and 16 to 25 pounds

Medium Australian Labradoodle: 17″ to 20″ at the withers and 30 to 40 pounds

Standard Australian Labradoodle: 21″ to 24″ at the withers and 50 to 65 pounds

Although there are three recognized sizes of Australian Labradoodles, there can be some variations within these three categories. For example: A mini-medium is about 30 lbs and a medium-large will be closer to 40 lbs. The same thing applies to the Mini Labradoodles. The larger miniature Labradoodle would be between 25-30 lbs and that would fall between the ranges of mini (at 25 lbs) and medium (at 30 lbs.)

Here at Go Doodles, we raise a variety of puppy sizes from Mini – Med – Med/Large and we would be more than happy to help you decide which size is best for you!