Traits - Life Span

How old will my Labradoodle get?

Generally, Australian Labradoodles live to be 12-14 years old.

What are the factors that determine my Australian Labradoodles life span?

Dog breeds vary in their life span. Generally speaking, smaller dogs tend to live longer.

Health care & Nutrition
Life spans of North American dogs have increased over the last 100 years, as there have been great medical advances and better nutritional choices available to families for their dogs.

Activity Level
Exercise also plays a big part in how long your dog will live. Just like in people, an active lifestyle produces a healthy body.

De-sexing your dog decreases or eliminates some causes of early death, such as pyometra in females and testicular cancer in males. De-sexing also decreases the likelihood of indirect causes of deaths such as accidents or euthanasia, as intact dogs tend to roam more and be more aggressive. All our companion dogs are spayed/ neutered prior to going home.

In general smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger ones. Smaller dogs generally are not “working” dogs and so they have less stress on their bodies.

Life expectancy is also determined by stresses, such as physical stress, for example, “working” dogs put more stress on their bodies than companion dogs do, and psychological stress, such as if the dog has to worry about if they are fed, loved and cared for.

All these factors play a role in how long each dog lives.

For more information about a healthy, active lifestyle your dog, contact your veterinarian for helpful suggestions.