Doodle Dictionary

Confused by all the terms and phrases when it comes to Labradoodles? Maybe this will help…

Labradoodle terms

F1 The first generation: Poodle x Labrador
These labradoodles do not have a consistent coat or energy level.

This the result of a first-generation labradoodle bred to a poodle. Because this results in a ¾ poodle cross, the dog may look more like a poodle. The coat is also variable in this generation as well.

The parents for this dog are BOTH F1’s. There is not a lot of consistency between the puppies of the same litter. There may be more poodle-looking ones, and more Labrador looking ones. Their coats may be more hair-like, or poodle like depending on the puppy.

F2B, F3 and beyond
Generally stated, the further from the original parents, the more consistent the coats, personality and body type, the dog exemplifies in accordance with the breed standard.

Multi-Generation, or Multi-Gen.
Multi-Generation labradoodles are ones that have been bred back to other ;abradoodles. They are said to have “multiple generations in the background,” thus the term Multi-Gen is used.

Foundation Australian Labradoodle: the IALA has defined a "Foundation" labradoodle as the 1st-5th generation of Labradoodles.

Pure Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle (Multigen) or Pure Australian Labradoodle
The offspring of 5 or more consecutive breedings of a Multigen Australian Labradoodle (or Purebred Australian Labradoodle) to a Multigen Australian Labradoodle (or Purebred Australian Labradoodle).

In short, Multi-generational Labradoodles are Labradoodles that have been bred with other Labradoodles. Only the best of the best are chosen for breeding purposes, which gives the breeder and potential families a great deal of comfort about their temperament and health standard!

We breed only Multi-generational Labradoodles.