Traits – Coat

Wool and fleece coated Australian Labradoodles work the best for allergy/asthma sufferers and we would love to help you find the right match for you. Our breeding dogs these wonderful coats and they pass allergy/asthma friendly coats on to their puppies.

There are 3 main types of Labradoodle coats: Hair, Fleece and Wool. Because of their variation, there are also different grooming needs.

Included here are pictures of three kinds of coats. Because of their similarity in colour, you can focus on the texture rather than being distracted with colour. The difference between a fleece and a wool coat is mainly the texture of the rather than the look.

We only have fleece and wool coat.  We DO NOT have any haired (shedding coats).

Wool Coat

The wool coat can look a little tighter than the fleece coat, with a loose, spiral kind of look. But it should not be dense in nature. It should still loosen up near the skin. It has a coarser feel than the fleece coat. It is similar in feel to lamb’s wool. This coat is a great option for allergy sufferers. Brushing this coat out, because of its dense nature, is recommended about once a week or so. Trimming may be required 2-4 times a year depending on the look and manageability that you like. If your dog has a loose wool coat, you can decrease the brushing to once every 2-3 weeks and the trimming 2-3 times a year.

Fleece Coat

The fleece coat is often wavy and is beautifully soft. Some liken it to the softness of an angora goat. The fleece coat is quite easy to manage. This coat is another great option for allergy sufferers. Brushing through this kind of coat is recommended every 2-3 weeks and we generally trim them two-four times a year. If you have a variation of this coat that is softer, like a micro-fine fleece, it is recommended to brush once a week to avoid “nests” that may form. Keeping a microfleece coat at around 3 inches in length helps keep the coat manageable.


Labradoodle coats that are fleece and wool do not shed.but a hair coat does.  We only breed for fleece and wool coats.  Fleece and wool coats have a coat change (puppy coat to adult coat) between 10-14 months of age, which is a  perfect time to get the dogs groomed to have a shorter look. This will help manage the coat change from puppy coat to adult coat. During this time, it is recommended to brush the coat daily to help prevent the dead coat from matting. The process of releasing the dead coat can last anywhere from one week to several weeks.

Allergy Friendly

Australian Labradoodles have had a super report card when it comes to allergy and asthma friendliness but it is not 100% guaranteed. If you are looking for a furry family member and if someone in your household has asthma/allergies, it would be best to meet an Australian labradoodle in person. This would be a great step to take to see if they have any reactions before you bring your puppy home. If this is not possible, we would be more than happy to send you coat samples, of the ACTUAL PUPPY or LITTER MATES that you are thinking of.  You would be more than welcome to take the sample to your doctor to have them tested on you!