Retired Adults

Retired Adults

We love our adults and we want to bless others with them! We will post photos and descriptions of them when they are looking for forever homes!

We don't have anyone available or retirement at this time. We will post a notice if one becomes available.

Hi Heidi,
We just wanted to update you on Lulu. We have had her just over a year and we all love her to pieces. She is the most gentle dog, we have only heard her bark once, when she was startled by the car starting. She spent a lot of time last summer at the baseball diamond and we took her to the cabin for a week where she went for boat and kayak rides.

She loves going for a walk every evening, and gets antsy if we take too long doing the supper dishes first.

She is the most cuddly dog, and will run to the entrance of the living room and wait for us to sit on the couch so she can jump up on our lap. She enjoys going to the dog park, but would rather explore the bushes and trees on her own instead of playing with other dogs.Thanks so much for Lulu!