Basic Training

Puppy Training Options

Belt Loop Training

Puppy training takes effort. We are happy to help. If you would like to give us the opportunity to train your little one, we’d be thrilled to spend more time with them. For those who choose to leave puppy with us for their training, we take time with you to show you step by step how we have trained your puppy and how you can have similar success at home with them. If they are out of province, we set up WhatsApp and send videos or Facebook Messenger to show in real-time what is going on!

Feel free to check out our website: to see the different training packages, what gets done in each training package and costs.

Training Helps

If you want to take that task on yourself, that’s great too. Let us help with that, too. Feel free to call and talk to us about specific training questions you may have. We are here to help you help you create the best furry family member possible. Videos are often a great way to learn, however, not all videos are created equal. I have checked out hundreds of videos, and have found the most helpful. Below are some videos and books that you may find useful in your training process!



Before and After You Get Your Dog, by Dr. Ian Dunbar

The Dog Listener, by Jan Fennel