Exercise and Diet

Exercise and Diet


Australian Labradoodles do not need an excessive amount of exercise. Going for a walk in the morning will alleviate their restlessness during the day, as will a walk in the evening ensure a good nights rest. However, if you are like our family, we practically live outdoors and are very active all summer, and that suits our Doodles just fine! They are more than willing to keep up with us! During our chilly winters, we do a lot of in-home activities and they are more certainly content to snuggle at our feet (or in our laps!)

We let our adult dogs out for a potty break 3 times a day, first thing in the morning, mid afternoon and just before bed. They also let us know if they need to “do their business” by ringing a bell. We’ve had a number of doodle pups learn to ring a bell when they need to be let out for potty, too!


We will let you know what we have been feeding your puppy while she has been with us, but you are more than welcome to change brands to something that suits you and your puppy. Whether you choose to feed dry dog food, or put your puppy on a raw dog food diet, it is very important to look at the ingredient list of your puppy food to make sure it has what your puppy needs at that stage in her life. You may want to consult your veterinarian for further helpful suggestions.