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About Us

Heidi“She’ll never have a dog,” they said.

“With her allergies and asthma, she’ll never be able to handle it,” they said.

“She never grew up with pets, what does SHE know,” they said…

Yes, that’s me.

I grew up in a no-pet home.

I have and still have asthma and allergies.

I never dreamed in a million years, I would have a dog!

But, here I am, surrounded by my beautiful dogs, on our family farm raising horses, cows, chickens, cats, bunnies and our kids, of course!

  • So, if you’re looking for a puppy, and you’re nervous because you’ve never had one before, I get that – I’ve been there! There are a lot of resources that can help with this process, I’d like to be one of them.
  • If you have kids with special needs in your household that require special consideration when choosing your puppy, I get it, – we have 6 kids, and several have special needs. I am also trained in ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Therapy to work with people with Autism..
  • If you’re not sure about what to look for in a puppy or how to get the RIGHT one that will connect with you and your family, that’s okay, too. I started to connect with animals in life way later than most, so I did a great deal of research interviewing animal behaviorists, trainers, breeders and vets to see what made sense for me and my family, so I’d like to share that with you too! I’ve been playing puppy cupid since 2004 and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our puppy families and watching our puppies grow into family members!
  • If you have just lost your beloved furry family member and are just not sure if this is the right time to introduce a puppy/dog to your home, we can take some time to process that. I’d love to help you out as you wonder out loud about your puppy-sized hole in your home.

Most people, when they connect with us, think they’re calling about a puppy, but what they really want to know is who I am. Am I honest? Reliable? Do I know something about these dogs?

Let me tell you about me, however, be warned, “me” is much larger than just 1 person…

Rob and I have kids ranging from 5 yrs old to 19. Some live on our our mixed family farm and some live away. Rob is a horse trainer and puppy trainer and I homeschool some of our kids and have started a psycho-therapist/counselor wellness center as my “day job”.

As a homeschool mom, I have a passion for learning and teaching. It is my absolute joy to teach my children first about character and secondly about academics and life skills.

We LOVE doing REAL LIFE with our kids! Our doodles blend in with all that we do, as therapy dogs, study partners (or maybe comic relief) for the kids and as furry family members. As a therapist, it is my pleasure is to introduce a dog in a session as stress relief.

When days are nice, I am often seen walking with a client in our forest, with a dog by our side. Nature is a wonderful healer.

We have had several different adults with exceptional needs come out to our farm to cuddle and walk the dogs over the years. We love offering these young adults a rewarding work place experience and the dogs benefit so much from their companionship. We continue to have our helpers come out and snuggle the dogs. The puppies just love our helpers’ company and they feel so secure with them!

Finally, we’ve been honored to have been asked to bring our dogs to a local university to help de-stress the students during exam time. The puppies/dog parents have a wonderful job year after year being themselves by loving those around them! It has a highlight to see the exam-stressed students lose all their worry lines when a puppy licks their face!